Emergency Services in Solapur

Just like any other city, enduring the safety and security of the people in Solapur is the responsibility of police department. The Police department has divided Solapur district into three sub-divisions. They are:
  • City Sub-Division Sholapur
  • Sholapur Sub-Division
  • Pandharpur Sub-Division
Each sub division is in the charge of Sub-Divisional Police Officer, who is responsible for looking after all the offenses and the efficiency and discipline of the officers and men in his division. The district also has women police branch that helps in the recovery of abducted women to attend the complaints of female citizens. Solapur district of Maharashtra has one static-high frequency wireless station and two high frequency mobile stations that facilitate speedy communications pertaining to law and order between different police stations in the State and with other states. Here is giving the address and contact details of important police departments and officers in Solapur.

Emergency services in Solapur

Police head quarters
Address: Akkalkot Road, New Paccha Peth, Solapur - 413005
Near Civil Hospital
Phone number: 0217 2732018

Police Control Room Rural
Address: 12, New Paccha Peth, Solapur, Near Surya Fitness Studio
Phone number: 0217 2332008

Commissioner of Police Control Room
Address: 141, Jainwadi, Hotgi Road, Solapur, 413003, near CP Office
Phone number: 0217 2744600, 0217 2744601

Guru Nanak Police Control room
Address: Guru Nanak Chowk, Hotgi Road, Solapur - 413003
Near Sadhu Vaswani Garden’Phone number: 0217 2744610

Anti Corruption Police Bureau
Address: Ranga Bhavan Building, Ground Floor,
Railway Lines, Solapur - 413003
Near Opposite Yeshwanth Apartment
Phone number: 02181 2312668

DY Supt of Police Solapur Rural

Address: Station Road, Akkalkot Solapur,
Behind Mangrule High School
Phone number: 02181 221548

Superintendent of Police Solapur

Address: Zilla Parishad Compund, Akkalkot, Solapur - 413216
In Zilla Parishad Compound
Phone number: 02181 220245

District Superintendent of Police
Address: Gudgaon, Barshi, Solapur, 413406
Near Water Tank
Phone number: 02184 253753

Commissioner Of Police

Address: Saraswathi Chowk, Police Chowk,
Murarji Peth, Solapur - 413001
Near Seva Sadan Prashala School
Phone number: 0217 2744612

Commissioner Of Police
Address: 641, Gurunanak nagar, Hotgi Road, Solapur - 413003
Near Old Vaishmpayan Medical Colege Building
Phone number: 02181 2744613, 2744601

Commissioner Of Police

Address: 841/8, Gurunanak Chowk, Datta Chowk, Solapur - 413003
Near SSM College
Phone number: 0217 2744636

Commissioner of Police

Address: D-17, Civil Hospital Building,
Rupa Bhavani Road, Solapur - 413003
In Civil Hospital Building
Phone number: 0217 2744646

Phone number of some police officers
  • Police Inspector (Traffic): 2744612
  • Police Inspector (Crime): 2744613
  • Office Superintendent: 2744613
  • Traffic Repair Department: 2744615
  • Women’s Problem Relief Center: 2744699
  • District Collector: 0217 2731000
Solapur Muicipal Corporation Fire Brigade Department
Solapur Muicipal Corporation Fire Brigade Department provides services within the city limits to protect the life and property of the citizens from accidents. The services can be rendered at a certain fees with the permission of officers, if any accident occurs out of the city limit. They possesses all types od advances facilities like aluminized close proximity suite, sharpest cutting unit, sharpex wood cutter and rescue equipments etc.

Chief Fire Officer: 0217 2740364

You can also find out the other important emergency services in Solapur like fire stations, blood banks, eye banks, ambulance services etc.
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