Famous Lakes in Solapur

Apart from the man made marvels, Solapur is also famous for it's various natural wonders, like waterfalls, dams and lakes. Let's have a look at some of the famous lakes located in the region which are great for family and friends outings or simply relaxing on the banks.

Moti Baug Lake in Solapur

Lakes in Solapur

The Moti Baug lake, which is locally called as the Kambar Talao Lake, attracts various tourists who visit Solapur in Maharashtra. The tank is also a great bird watching center found in Solapur district and so an ideal location for nature lovers and bird watchers. Several people and researchers visit here to observe the different types of migratory birds.

Once, Kambar was rich with pretty while and pink lotuses that floated in the water that added more beauty to this nature‚Äôs piece of heaven.  Now, SMC is responsible to for the maintenance and cleaning up of the tank. Solapur Municipal Transport (SMT) operated bus services to Kambar lake, which is the public transport in Solapur. You can also travel in tongas, auto rickshaws and six-seaters.  Mouti Baugh Lake is located around 1 km away from Bust stand.

Ekruk Hipparga Talao

Lakes in Solapur

The Ekrukh Hipparga Talao is actually a culmination of the Hipparga lake and the Ekrukh Tank that is attached to the lake. Ekruk Tank, which is located in the Solapur city of Solapur district of Mahrashtra, is the second largest irrigation project in Deccan region. Colonel Fife installed this tank during the British reign. It is the main source of water supply to the entire district of Solapur. This lake homes an abundant amount of water all year long. Morning and evening are the best time to visit Ekruk Tank. It takes around one or two hours for sightseeing. Ekruk Tank is around 3 km away from bus depot of Solapur. The visitng time to Ekruk Tank is from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm..
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