Religious Destinations in Solapur

Solpaur homes numerous pilgrim locations including many temples, mosques, dargahs, Jain tempels, samadhis etc and that is why itself it is known as the heaven of pilgrims. The historical importance and uniqueness of the construction make these buildings the most visited destination not only by pilgrims, but also tourists from various parts of the country.

Famous Religious Destinations in Solapur


Velapur, which is a small village in Solapur district, is around 32 km away from Pandharpur. The north east of this village possesses a very famous temple of historical importance. The temple that resonates ancient beauty, is constructed in the Hemandpathi style of architecture. There are twenty stone memorials around the temple along with its shrine.

Famous pilgrim locations in Solapur

Other attraction of Velapur is the Hara-Nareshwar temple, where numerous tourists visit every year. This place of worship reaches you down a flight of steps, which are all riddled with inscription, to a square water tank. Velapur also homes old structures, ancestral wadas and old residential buildings, which provide a peek into the cultural lifestyle of the people, who lived here years ago. There is a representation of Gaja-Lakshmi, which is a huge slab located at the eastern gateway of this village.  You can easily reach to Velapur via local buses from the Solapur city or the Solapur railway station.

Revansiddheshwar Mandir
RevanSiddheshwar Mandir, which is a combination of three major attractions, is an important tourist hotspot in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. As this temple is located near the Moti Baug Talao (Lake) and the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary in Nannaj. There is an idol of the great saint in the basement on the inside of the temple’s chamber. The shrine is covered by many chambers made in stone. The Revansidheshwar temple is dedicated to a renowned saint named Revansiddheshwara. TThe great celebration performed here is the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti. You can see a huge animal market organized here during this auspicious occasion.

Hazrat Shah Zahur Dargah

Hazrat Shah Zahur's dargah is a renowned Muslim religious spot that are visited by numerous pilgrims and tourists. This mosque is dedicated to the famous Islamic saint Hazrat Shah, who was famous for performing numerous miracles. A grand festival is held in Hazrat Shah Dargah every year on the auspicious occasion of Safar, which is a Muslim month. The festival lasts for three days, from 10th to 12th of this month.

Famous pilgrim locations in Solapur

Sant Damaji of Mangalwedha

The Sant Damaji Temple is a famous pilgrim spot in Solapur district of Maharashtra. This temple is dedicated to the great saint- Shri Sant Damaji and is located in Mangalwedha city, which is 55 km away westwards and around 25 km away from the holy desitnation of Pandharpur. The Mangalwedha village has another popular name ‘Land of Saints’. The reason behind this name is that the place was home to lots of saints such as Sant Damaji, Kanhopatra, Sant Gopabai and Sant Gadgebaba during the 14th century. Besides the temple of Sant Dmajai, Mangalvedha also has temples dedicated to saint Chokha, Vishveshwar and Mahadeo. A house in a dilapidated condition that was the residence of the last Maratha general Bapu Gokhale and the chauburji of the fort are the other attractions in Mangalvedha.


Hotagi is a beautiful little city, which is extremely close to Solapur, within the state of Maharashtra. The place is famous for Sai Baba Temple, which is a renowned pilgrim location for Hindu devotees. Other pilgrim destinations like the religious spot of Tuljapur and the holy site of Pandharpur are located nearby. Therefore, Hotagi is easily accessible by road and rail. As the city is at an elevation of approximately 1475 m, you can enjoy a very picturesque and eye-catching view from atop of this city.

The Ramalingeshwar Mandir

The Ramalingeshwar Mandir, which is located about 70 km away from Solapur is a beautiful shrine. You can see the peaceful and calm vibes that surrounding locale of this place of worship. Many people visit here to spend their leisure time or to indulge in a fun day picnicking around the area nearby the temple with their friends and family.
Famous pilgrim locations in Solapur

Ramalingeshwara temple was constructed in the 11th century by Chalukya rulers in a star shape. The temple has a central hall with four beautifully sculptured pillars. You can see the images of major Hindu Gods like, Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu in various poses in the pillars and the walls of the hall.  The side walls consist of several images of Lord Nataraja, Lord Varaha, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Mahishasura Mardini. The temple is adorned with sculptures depicting the apsara, rakshasas, dikpalakas, matrumurti and darpan warriors.

The Shri Dahigaun Tirth

The Shri dahigaun Tirth is a popular Jain pilgrim destination in Dahigaun village of Solapur and it lies in a village that goes by the same name. The temple homes a 244 cm high black coloured idol of Lord Bhagwan Mahavir, seated in a padmasana position. These exquisite paintings are hung on the ancient walls decorate the temple. You can see a special oil painting of Digambar Acharyas here. Pandharpur railway station, which is at a distance of 64 km, is the nearest railway station to this temple. You can also depend on bus services and private vehicles to reach here. Boarding and lodging facilities are also available.

Jain Temples

Solapur is famous for beautiful and historic Jain temples namely Parasnath Temple, Adinath Temple and Mallikarjuna Temple. All these temples are named after the Jain Thirthankaras.
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